Mazin Linn
Certified Master Coach

1:1 Counselling Service:
Alternative Therapy
Life Coaching | Cultural Theology
Arabic Lessons: Vernacular & Modern Standard


Mazin Linn
Zertifizierter Life- und Business Coach

1:1 Beratungsdienst:
Alternative Therapie
Lebensberatung | Kulturtheologie
Arabischunterricht: Umgangs- und Hochsprache


Name: Mazin Linn | Nickname: Ma Xin | German citizen of Celtic and Babylonian origin | Born and raised a free citizen in multicultural neighbourhoods | Mother: headmaster, father: journalist | A simple traveller - by ship, train, bus - in casual wear + camera | Politically neutral: Irish way & Chinese wisdom Free Christian - easygoing nature & FREE style - my heart is my temple, and, therefore, as a free man"may" visit/attend all churchessynagogues, mosques, temples and pray everywhere -- talk, speak, listen, take photos and enjoy different & indigenous cultures | Anti-political religion, anti-religious extremismanti-theocracy anti-terrorism | Pro-social peace, pro-social justicepro-prosperity pro-education | Flexitarian "vegetarian, but I eat what I eat" | Non-smoker | Tea drinker | Divorced - I was young when I got married -- student! -- I was naive enough to be under somebody's spell, but lucky enough to find out when the train leaves | I believe in my dreamsI never stop making mistakes. I never stop learning. I never stop changing | I always wanted to be an actor - I enjoyed acting at school and went to music and acting workshop for kids, but "Mr. Destiny" decided something had to be done | A free Geminian who believes in the future -- in love with music, natural beauty, comedy, travel adventure, vintagelifestyle 1870s-1970s & CHINA | I hate goodbyes -- ich hasse Abschiede, AND I hate maths! | Currently learning Chinese, and planning to learn Russian -- ich lerne gerade Chinesisch und habe vor, Russisch zu lernen, um es zu meinem Sprachpaket hinzuzufügen.

My purpose of life: inner peace.

My principle: No freedom? No life! -- that is life, and that is my principle in life.

My philosophy in life: Simplicity is the key to happiness. Respect for all living things. Trust but verify. Keep an open mind. Listen, listen & keep listening. Seek to understand before being understood. Express your thoughts, your feelings & yourself. Say “NO” if you need to. Surprise yourself. Change. Be amazing. Be visionary. Be clear. Be frank. Be collected. Be meek. Be mild. Be nice. Be flexible & diplomatic. But also tough & strong like a bamboo. Be able to see multiple perspectives. Be true to yourself. Be loyal to your freedom. Be loyal to your principles. Stand up for what you believe in. Don't hesitate. Be assertive. If you start something, finish it. Be cool, but, remember, being cool doesn't mean being passive. Fight for justice & make a positive impact on the world. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your soul. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your body. And never, never, never let anybody tell you what to do with your life.

MY WORLD: trust, truthfulness, freedom, inner balance, clarity, candour, loyalty, inner peace, cleanliness, neatness, positivity, decisiveness, high spirits, ambition, confidence, stability, neutrality, simplicity, modesty, self-discipline, self-respect, flexibility, rationality, brainstorming, thinking out of the box, patience, harmony, romance, humour...

NOT MY WORLD: betrayal of trust, arrogance, negativity, complexity, indecisiveness, stubbornness, scorching heat, biting cold, hypocrisy, over-generalising which leads to unfair stereotypes, biases & inaccurate judgments -- racism, extremism, theocracy "religion in politics," -- and bureaucracy - to me, bureaucracy is NOT a systematic order, it is a mental disorder! Ehrlich gesagt, ich hasse Bürokratie - für mich ist Bürokratie KEINE systematische Ordnung, es ist eine psychische Störung!

My Education and Works:

FE Life and Business Coaching | Soft Skills, Communication, Management, Conflict Management, Migration, Integration, Didactics, Training & Motivation -- Feedback vs. Criticism

FE Mind-Body Therapy, Workout | Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Nutrition, Body Mechanics

FE Art, Photography, Interior Design | Art Therapy, the Positive Psychology of Photography, Healthy House, Feng Shui Design, Architectural Genius Loci

AE Leadership, Communication, IT, EDP, QM, ISO, CAD

FE Social Science | Social History, Cultural Theology, Teaching Philosophy, Educational Psychology, Clearing Therapy, Political Sociology, Political Psychology

MSc Infrastructure and Environment: Urban Studies and Social Science in Europe and Arab World | Sustainable Development -- Social Harmony, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection -- City Planning, Cultural Theology, Politics and Society

Religious Studies | Comparative Religion - Jewish History, Christian Theology, Islamic and Arab Studies -- Sunnism/Shiism -- Radicalism and Extremism

2003 Invasion of Mesopotamia: The Whole Story | End of Civilization

Anti-Semitism from A to Z | Ancient Times, Nazism, Holocaust, Farhud

Holocaust and Farhud 1930s-1940s | the Journey

Gulag: Cold Fire | the Hell

Last-Minute Wife: Eva Braun - the Belle of the Mountain | Pity, Beauty, Femininity

Nazi, Sozi, Ignatz: Hitler, Einstein, Nietzsche | Übermensch?! Ecce Homo, Nazis!

1970s: Bloom of Youth | Extreme Left, Extreme Right, Extreme Love | Je t'aime!

Baader and the Last Shah of Iran: A Dictator and His Goon Squad | Baltagiya!

Russian Chess, American Mess, European Fess: The Oscar Goes to... China!

2026: Rich Man, Poor Man, Poor Man, Poor Man | Europe - Secret of 14.04.40

Boss's Mistress: She's Supposed to Be Pretty, Quiet, and Incredibly Stupid!

Heil Hitler, Sieg Heil and Lord's Prayer: O, Christians, Lies Have Short Legs

Nazi Woman: Pretty, Sexy, Full-Time Housewife | What More Do You Want?!

Die Drei K: Kinder, Küche, Kirche | Children, Kitchen, Church | Girls! Girls!

Red Wine and Unleavened Bread: The Diary of Lady Diana | the Silent Call

Nazi Schutzstaffel: Butchers, Family Men, Slot Machines | SS, All in One!

Romance: Spanish Moon, Italian Salad, French Kiss, Portuguese Guitar

Synagogue Fire: The Story of Isaac and Seraphina | Ukraine, Ukraine

Anne Frank: Mezuzah, Hatikvah and Broken Pen | Hidden Diaries

Forgotten Souls: From Ancient Egypt to Nazi Germany | Again!

Lullaby Night: Anne Frank - Why Are You So Late, Adonai?

Book of Jana: Pleated Skirt, Beauty Mark, and No-Bra Bra

Arabian Hava Nagila: Aliyah, Yerida, Aliyah | Olim! Olim!

Yekke & Sabra: German September | the Story of Chasha

Awful Truth: Germany, Nazi Germany | 2 Sides, Same Coin

People of God: Neturei Karta - anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism?

Brasato: The Venetian Girl Who Cooked For Me | Verona, Verona

The Massacre: PLO, CIA and KGB | Black September - The Secret

Shoa: “His Blood Is On Us and On Our Children” | Matthew! Matthew!

Orgasm Wave: Red Hair, Maxi Skirt, Soft Music | Women in Their Forties

INRI 2050: Russian Doll, Chinese Silk, European Famine | Secrets of Isaiah

My Korean Teacher: Tea with Gianna Jun | Inner Beauty? Marvel of Beauty!

Book of Genesis: In the Beginning Hitler Created Soldiers and Housewives...

Russian Gas, Economic Collapse, End of EU: Arabs? The Winner Takes It All!

Strength through Joy: Germany 1934-1938 | Prosperity, Happiness, Hypnosis

Philosophy of Happiness: Self-Hating Jew | What Happened to You, Avigail?

Love, Jealousy and 3 Phone Calls: "Fräulein Braun, This Is Unity Mitford!"

Donald & Ivanka: "Our Father Who Art in Heaven, I Fell in Love With Her!"

Bursa: The Waterfall of Youth | Turkish Jews? God Bless You, Napoleon!

Putin: All or None | the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

2003: A Psycho and His Dog | George W. Bush and Tony Blair | Sick'em!

Hitler Youth: Regression Hypnosis | My Childhood, My Youth, My Death

Tomboy: The Story of a German Wife | Love or Romance? No to Both!

Hispania: Cousin Marriage, Happy Ending | I'm Such a Fucking Idiot!

Churchill: Burn Ireland, Burn Iraq, Burn Germany | Drink! Kill! Burn!

Talk, Talk, Talk: First Sex, Second Sex, Tenth Sex | Fairy-Tale Opera!

Nazi Housewives: Ample Skirt, Seductive Charm | Merry Christmas!

Quick Quickie: First Lady, First Gentleman, First Night | USA! USA!

Turtle Soup & Salad: Eva Braun’s Table Talk | Light Pink, Dark Pink

Tea with Eva Braun: A Gathering in the Salon of Madame Schelling

Russian Rubaboo: Putin and the Nazi Fräulein | In 1988's Dresden

Shema Yisrael: Yva & Eva - Two Girls, Two Cameras, One Destiny

Natural Beauty: Curly Hair, Wrap Skirt | Give My Heart a Chance!

Hitler’s Last Words: "Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa" | 03:28 PM

Maria Reiter: The Bride Diaries | Hitler - the Man with Two Wives

Russian American: Shaman - the Man Who Knew Who You Are

Shemale Minister: The Nose Knows, Johnny, the Nose Knows!

Romantic Comedy, Killer Comedy: It's Never Too Late to Fart!

Finger & Thumb: My Life as a Mother Fucker | Mr. Lucky Luck

Today's Society: Hitler Is Still Alive | Und Bitte... Und Schnitt!

1943: When Hitler Wept | the Jewish Girl in Schellingstraße

Jewish Cello: Arabian Nights 1001, Ukrainian Nights 1005

What Men Want: Femininity? Womankind? Gentle Sex?

1944: Sindbad the Soldier | Normandy - Hear, O Hitler!

Effendi: Fruit Flies | Happy Marriage vs. Happy Divorce

Natalie & Natalia: Marriage in the Church | Lonely Souls

Money and Happiness: Do You Have a Life? Where Is It?!

Nazan: Son of God, Daughter of God | From Berlin with...?

Child Marriage: The Old Man Who Loved Roses | the Imam

Asylum and Racism: Five Loaves and Two Fish | Non-Aryan?!

Rape: VATICAN | Sex in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti!

Jewish Ghetto, Jewish Humour, and Sigmund Freud: Silent Hours

Tunisian Moon: Beauty and Emotion | Ziara - the Story of a Sufi Girl

Honey, Rose Water, Caesar Salad: Difference between Men and Women

Jewish Fruits: Shanghai, Baghdad, Berlin | Moses and the Chinese Angels

A-25271: The Girl with the Jewish Tattoo | Pure Silk | Rest in Peace, Anneliese!

Wannsee Conference 1942: Death Certificate | the Return of the Dancing Devils

Hitler’s Beautiful Girls | Fly with Music, Fly with Passion, Fly with Bullets | Next!

Skirts: Females 1930s-1970s | Natural Affection, Natural Beauty | Guess Who I Met!

Hitler's Cinema: Riefenstahl, Hippler, Goebbels | Propaganda, Brainwashing, Revenge

Übermensch: Today's Society | Arrogance, Harshness, Acerbity, Rage, and Madness of Bureaucracy | Nazi Inheritance?

Bergen Belsen: Where Are You, Anne? Where Are You, Yeshua? God, Are You Still There?

Lido XXXIII: Iraq Invades Kuwait, USA Invades Iraq, Russia Attacks Ukraine, Muslims Invade Europe, China Retakes Taiwan -- Chinese Unification, Korean War IV | World War X

Adam Yahweh, Eve Yahweh: You May Now Kiss the Bride, and You Must Accept Your Fate!

Devi: Luther, Zwingli, Calvin | the anti-Semite, the Warrior and the Conservative

The Diary of a Nazi Angel: Crystal Night 1938, Farhud 1941 | Weeping Willows

Völva: The Wanderer and His Seeress | Even Beauty Must Perish, Herr Hitler!

Auschwitz: Bread, Soup, Crematorium | Pure Hearts and Burning Tears

Ashkenazi Beauty: Eva Braun and Her Jewish Grandmother | Our Past!

Lady Wisdom: Anne Frank - Innocent Child, Jewish Girl, Woman Writer

Wagner: Anti-Semite and Composer | the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

The Curse of Halima: Once Upon a Time in Iraq | the Story of a Witch

Gypsy Jazz: The Secret of Joseph Goebbels | Talk to Me, Paul!

Dress & Hairband: Goddess of Beauty, Goddess of Femininity

Lomi Lomi: Psychosomatic Politics | Gas, Oil, and Hypocrisy

Pure Aryans: Fact, Privilege or Mental Disorder? Aber, Aber!

Summer Breeze: The Swedish Masseuse | Do-Re-Mi-Boom!

Robot Finger: "We Need to Talk" | A Made-in-Germany Life!

Osteria Bavaria: "Kiss Me, Eva, As If It Were the Last Time"

Cherry Soup: From Judaism to Zionism | the Rabbi Diaries

The Antisemite: Agate | the True Story of Breina Schmidt

Way of Life: Man-to-Man Talk vs. Woman-to-Woman Talk

Golgotha: The Secret Diary of Cephas | the Fallen Cedar

Breakfast with Eli Cohen: And Then You Have Trouble!

2070: The Diary of Archangel Michael | C I A O, CIA!

The Farewell Dinner: Eva Braun - the Blue Butterfly

Slow Dance: Kiss Me?! Don't Ever Say That Again!

A Woman of Soul: Golda Meir - Wrath of God 1972

Matryoshka: Red Wine, Red Light, Red Hold-Ups

Book of Eva: Baptism by Fire | Battle of Berlin

Taboo: True Love | Geli - Hitler's Little Dove

Putin: 3 Wives, 7 Kids | the Lone Warrior

Famine: Europe 2028 | I'm Starving, Dad!

Eva - I Can't Get Enough of Her Voice: Alas!

Arab Spring: Blood, Oil, and Blessed Ignorance

Araboth: The Return of Ivanka Trump | 7th Heaven

The Merciful Murderer: I Know Who Killed Donald Trump!

Casual Sex: Papa, Papa - P for Papa, A for Asshole | Ta-Ta!

Barbed Wire: On the Jews and Their Sorrows | the Badge

Playful: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not | Nazi Summer

Book of Happiness: Wealth, Health, Youth (WHY?) | Life!

Girls' Disco: Cowboy, Cowgirl, Leather Gloves | the Nazi

Tender: Ukrainian Wife, Russian Darling | A Way to Live

Peaceful Terror: US Citizen "I Was Blind But Now I See!"

Italian Silk: I Met Her in Florence | Her Name Is Eva Braun

Jewish Mecca: Arabian Nights 2044 | Last King of the Desert

The Story of a British Psycho: Churchill? Long Live the Killer!

5/22: Richard Wagner - Love, Hate and Musical Opium | Minna

Israeli Falafel and Palestinian Hummus: Love You, Jerusalem!

The Nazi Priest: Iron Cross, Red Cross, Catholic Cross | Psst!

Woman of One's Dreams: Elaine Benes - Beauty and Humour

Woman of Politics: Lesbian Crème de la Crème | Let Us Pray!

My Tears, My Beauty, My Life: The Secret Diary of Eva Braun

7 Days in Auschwitz: Dinner with Himmler | Passion of Tears

Beauty Queen: Feathered Hair, High-Slit Skirt, Light Makeup

Dally: Eva Braun - the Queen of Seduction | Female, Female

Dolores: Dialogue Therapy | Your Manual of Life after Death

Race: Dark Skin? The Punishment Should Fit the Crime!

Aging - the Undefeated Enemy: This, That and the Other

L’chaim: The True Story of Hitler | End of Story, Helene!

Sexy Accent: London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Damascus

Berlin 1936: Flying Doves | Berlin 1945: Flying Ravens

The 79-Year-Old Virgin: My Name Is Dick. No Kidding!

Nazi Tango: The Story of a Dark Train | Los! Los! Los!

Archipelago: Woman with a Nazi Heart | Blind Flight

The Dark Secret: Frau Hitler - the Farewell Interview

Uri Uri Berlin: Übermensch, Untermensch | Mensch!

33 Days and 33 Nights: 33 Dinners with Elaine Benes

Bahöö: Life from A to Z | the Little Book of Tomorrow

Koro: The Wedding of Mrs. Pussyyada & Mr. Cockyar

Mirage: Third Reich - Sex, Drugs and Devilish Charm

Nipples, Nipples: I'm Not a Native German Speaker!

Beauty School: Lilly and Her Silicone Bra | Boom!

Philosophy of Dialogue: The Seducer's Last Call

Germany and Racism: DNA or Terminal Illness?

Shirapikos: Why Do People Keep Having Sex?!

My Single Aunt: Good Night, Frau Ministerin!

Miss Goat: The Arabian Hoopoe | Our Story

Small Talk: The Magic of Lord Yeshua | Ta!

Slavic Eyes: Bella Estonia - Ciao, Ornella!

Daydream: Do You Know Who You Are?

Gossip Factory: The Story of Your Life

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer: Brr!

Night of the Long Knives: This Is It!

The Perfect Wife: Your Spiritual Guide

777: Wrath and Chaos | God and Gods

Tabbouleh: Our Life? Adieu, Romance!

Maayan: Girl's Story | German Jews 1888

The Nun: White Milk | the End of the Story

Naked Truth: The Curse of Politics | Mazel Tov!

Beauty and the Monkey: The Battle of Mount Elbrus

1001 Nights... Plus One: Jerusalem - the City Where It Happened

Satanic: Cold, Famine, Typhus | Endlösung - das Ende vom Lied!

Child Soldier: Russian Wind, German Horse | Christmas Story

The Story of a Nazi Senator: "Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani?"

Gas Chamber: Treblinka - the Story of a Baby Doll

Hysteria: Klara and Her Son | Painter in His Nest

Atelier: Göring - Ali Baba and the Nazi Thieves

Threesome: The Angel Who Knew Too Much

Fantasy Life: Lust and Virginity | Book of Sophia

Dhimmi: From Andalusia to Islamophobia | Paradise

Jesus, Hitler, Putin: The Saviour - Folk Myth vs. Truth

Alexander the Great: My Mother, My Love, My Secret | Endless Passion

Munich 72: the Story of a Nazi Policeman | Willy Brandt - das Geheimnis

XIII: Life after Corona: End of EU. End of Capitalism. Rise of Socialism and Nationalism. Russia and China Lead the World. USA Loses Control. Governments Fall. More Babies. More Love. Less Vanity. Less Racism. Young People Migrate. Old People Marry. Mentalities and Relationships Change | Punkt!

Uncle Alf: Geli Raubal - the Teenage Girl and Her Uncle | Grief of Love

1979: End of Femininity, Beginning of Womanhood | Adieu, Beauty!

Autumn Leaves: RAF - Stasi | the 3 Bs - Berlin, Baghdad, Beirut

Waiting Game: Happy Woman - What Is She Like? Action... Cut!

Hitler and the Noble Jew: Eduard Bloch - the Physician of Linz

Distortion: Women and Cigarettes | Destruction of Femininity

White House: Take from the Needy and Give to the Greedy!

Yellow: Anti-Judaism or Anti-Semitism | Mr. Schicklgruber

Wasted Life: World Wars - Geopolitics or Blood Revenge?

Valley of Sorrows: Majdanek - the Story of a Red Soldier

Choir of Angels: Todesmarsch - Agony, Ecstasy, Inferno

Dinner with Hitler: Elly Ney - Nazi Heart, Golden Fingers

Babylonian Bride: Guardians of the City | Plan B - Israel II

Fatima - the Bride of Uzbekistan: From Bukhara to Tel Aviv

Balcony Garden: Renate Müller - Your Beauty or Your Life!

Silver Hair: Plus, Minus, Divided By | Politics for Dummies

Book of Helene: Tiramisu | Happy Heart, Positive Mind

The Postman Diaries: She Is Still a Virgin, O Father!

Zahra: Broken Flowers in Iran | Christmas Holiday

Lasagne: Bodies, Souls and Peaceful Times

Silent Hero: The True Story of Baby Jesus

Old Sinners: Go, Hitler, and Sin No More!

The Naughty Girl: Get Out of My Dream!

27 Years: Where Does This Life Go To?

Gold Tooth: Birkenau - Woman of Sorrows

Who's Who: Uncertainty? Not My Cup of Tea!

Hitler Diaries: Silver Beads | They Took Everything!

Cat Fight: Blonde, Wild and Señorita | World of Politics

Book of Bree: Life of Irish Women | Love, Lust and Anxiety

Striped Pyjamas: Judenstern - Death Is Not the End, Abraham!

Puppetry: Americans Sign, Europeans Die | the Real Muppet Show

Moscow-Berlin: War & Psychology | Narcissism, Lightning-War Hysteria

Edeljude: "Ich Werde Ihnen, Herr Doktor, Ewig Dankbar Sein. Adolf Hitler"

Mimi and Her Family Secret: Paula Hitler, Maria Reiter | My Sister-In-Law

The True Story of Lena Kallova: Angel by Choice, Whore by Choice

Mr. Gestapo - the Jewish Man Who Gave the Nazi salute: Burnout!

The Ottoman Führer: Jew, Outcast, Catholic | Crypto-Judaism

Charisma: The End of the White Train | Happy Birthday! R.I.P.

Pierre - the Story of a Parisian Jew | Jazzy Mood & Degenerate Arts

El-Elohe-Israel: Nuremberg 1934 | God Was There - Just So You Know!

Future Life: Terrorists, Politicians, and Religious Leaders | the Evil Alliance

The French Diplomat Who Masturbated in Tripoli: Based on a True Story | Doozy!

Mystery Game: Germany 1930s - Poor Country, Rich People | Germany 2000s - Rich Country, Poor People!

Vicenza: 1 Day with Eva Braun, 2 Days with Monica Bellucci, 3 Days with Amy Adams

Wives: Italian Body, Swedish Hair, Moroccan Lips, Irish Heart, Chinese Soul, Circassian Eyes, Anatolian Cheeks, Spanish Accent | Yippee!

The Boy and His Grandmother: "You're Not in Love with Me, You're in Love with My Time"

The Diary of Hitler's Mistress: Hitler's Pistol, Hitler's Swastika, Hitler's Baby | Unity - the Sleeping Beauty

The Butcher of Bolivia: Che Guevara, Karl Marx and Hauptsturmführer Barbie

Holocaust 1933-1945: Speech Is Silver, Silence Is Golden! Nowadays?! Shush!

2003 Invasion of Iraq: Iran, USA, Germany | Revenge, Oil, Modern "Mata Hari"

Dishdasha and Rattan Chair: Once Upon a Time in Baghdad | Hurry, Harry!

French Letter: "You Must Sleep With Your Wife At Least Twice, Johnny!"

Book of Dinah: Her Name Is Asenath | Cinderella - the Jewish Girl

The Staatsbürger: Lueger, Hitler, Schemer | Like Father, Like Son!

From Eternal Jew to Harry Potter: Antisemitism? Aha, Hollywood!

Hagar: Galicia and Her Children's Children | the Magic of Swastika

Bamboo Vase: Jews, Jews, Babylonian Jews | Back to Your Future

1976: Ulrike Meinhof - Fighter, Feminist, Existentialist | D'oh, Berlin!

Jasmine Tea: Syrian Incense and Hungarian Daisy: Jerome, Jerome

Qutb, Nasser, Hamas: Extremism, Nationalism, Jihad | Now What?

TuTu: Hitler and Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake | Man, Man and Man

1941: Babi Yar - the Story of Princess Maria | Shooting Party

Fairy Cake: The Story of an Air Hostess | Angel with Dress

Land of Hypocrisy: Tower of Babel | End-Stage Disease

A Little Girl: Sunni Islam vs. Shia Islam | Story of Nadia

Ministry of Love: Hello Kiss, Goodnight Kiss | Bingo!

Trinity: Music, Freedom, and Darjeeling Tea | Odessa

The Meaning of My Life: I Only Know Love by Name!

Bread, Butter and Mistress: Lenin - the Man in Black

Pure Silk: Moses & Zipporah | Live for Her, Die for Her

Eva's Camera: Then I'm Your Man - Then I'm Your Woman

Faith & Politics: CHURCH - Political Religion?! Mea Culpa!

Romantic Illusions: Freedom of Choice - Faith or Religion?

Brood of Vipers: The Story of a Führer | In My Mother's Den

Daya, Daya: Money, Fame and Wild Youth | Deep In the Heart

Dangerous Love: Speer - Art and Swastika | Man of True Lies

Like Mother, Like Daughter: From Kelly Bundy to Angela Merkel

Babylonian Caravan: Yin, Yang, Qi, Feng Shui | Men and Women

Our Life: Politicians Sigh, Civilians Die | C'EST LA VIE, JOHNNY!

Terror: Social Disease, Educational Failure, or Political Ignorance?

Refugees: Khomeini, Erdoğan, and the Yiddish Verses of the Quran

Hippie: The Magic of the Sixties | Good Morning, Seventies! Freeee!

The Secrets of Linn Linn: Chinese Way of Life, American Kiss of Death

Your Day, Your Way: How to Feng Shui Your Heart | Madeleine, Madeleine

Antisemitism: Jewish-Roman Wars, Jesus' Crucifixion, Augustine, Crusades, Ahasuerus, Spain 1391, Simon of Trent, Alhambra Decree 1492, Wittenberg, Frederick II, Vienna, Munich, Chicago, New York | VATICAN!

Book of Judas: The Emptiness | Stauffenberg "Es lebe das Heilige Deutschland!"

Banana Leaves: Boys and Girls in Saudi Arabia | the Far Side of the Arab World

Klitoris: Aloe Vera, Tealights and Corner Bathtub | No Kidding, Mademoiselle!

War and Nothingness: Europe, Mesopotamia, Afghanistan | Das Nichts!

Zaynab and Her Messianic Secret: Refugee Families | the White Flower

Décolleté: Politics and the Right of Free Access | Bra? Enemy of Men!

Eden: From Babylonia to Germania | God vs. Hitler - Creation Story

Phone Call from Moses: Hitler? This Is Moses Returning Your Call!

The Cobra Venom: Do You Want Total War? Answer Me, Yahweh!

Armenian Tears: Turkish Sufi, Christian Mystic, Jewish Messiah

The White Rose: Sophie Scholl - Charged with Stealing Hearts!

Her Eyes: Artist, Feminist, Novelist | Hitler, de Beauvoir, Sartre

Enemy of the People: Poverty and Depression | Politics, Politics

Irish Bird, Irish Turtle: Journey to Galway | the Blouse of Sheila

Beauty Secrets: Unity Valkyrie Mitford | Jew-Hater, Nazi Lover

Happiness of Love: Breath of Life, Breath of Passion | Lena!

Children of God: Jews? Christians? Muslims? All? None?

Siege: The Virgin of Leningrad | Valkyrie Never Sleeps!

Positive Christianity? Jesus Was a Jew, You Know!

First Marriage, Second Marriage: Facts vs. Fictions

Lipstick Stain: Cheeks and Crochet Hook | I Thirst!

Opera Diva: Hitler - Creator, Leader, or Risk Lover?

Café Nordkap: Princess Alpha and the Purple Koala

Female Bird: Last Holiday in Qatar | the Tears of a Lady

Future Is Already Here: Putin - Last Days of a King | Miss!

Caesarean: Empress Helena and Her Stauros | Days of Chaos

The Two: Unity Mitford, Eva Braun | Crying Beauties with Fiery Hearts

Females vs. Women: Spanish Rose, Italian Daisy | A Way to Make Love

Our Families: Shem, Ham and Japheth | Denial, Anger and Forgiveness

Empty Kehlsteinhaus: The Nazi Godfather | Three Sisters, Three Destinies

Prince Macron and His American Friends: France - Republic or Monarchy?!

Swastika: The Beginning of the Beginning | Yeesh, See You Later, Himmler!

Woman of Yesterday vs. Woman of Today: Simple Beauty? What a Beauty!

Nazi Europe: As Yesterday So Today | Hidden Hate, Hidden Love | Hidden!

1914: Good Morning, Satan! Good Night, Michael! Welcome Back, Jesus!

Arbeit Macht Frei? Tod Macht Frei! Do Not Forget That We Are Germans!

Havana Cigar, Scotch Whisky, Blood Sausage: Churchill - the Messpot

No Hitler, No Life: Magda Goebbels | Welcome to Palestine, Magda!

Wifely Concerns: The Politician Who Had a Dildo | Middle Finger

Slice of Pizza: 3 Days with Her | the Story of Monica Anna Maria

The Widow in Blue: The Story of Uschi | Woman of Few Words

Stunning Beauty: Mitford Sisters | Unity, Diana and Valentino

El Shaddai: World Wars | Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and God | Nuke!

War Minister: Churchill - Alcoholic, Killer, Awful Liar | Salut!

Birkat Hachama: People Come and Go... Politicians Don't!

Bambino: The Minister Diaries | Gee, I Need to See a Clit!

YHWH: Ukrainian Jews, Ukrainian Nazis, Ukrainian Story

Labia: The President and His Grumpy Old Woman | Entrer!

Half Russian, Half German: Stalingrad - the Venomous Fish

Divorced Wife and Twice-Married Man: Sleeping Like a Baby

Breathless Silence: The Hidden Door | Sweet Dreams, Margot!

Blasphemy: Eva Braun, Mary Magdalene, and the Blessed Virgin

The Pogroms of 2051: American Vampire | Blood! Blood! Blood!

Valhalla: Hitler and the Pretty Hater | Odin - the Battle of Mitford

Mustafa and the Rabbi's Daughter: From Jerusalem to Istanbul

Leila: 7 Days in Jerusalem | Israeli Music - a Spiritual Journey

The Jewish Quarter: Anne Marie - Sorry, I Am Not a Lawyer

Aquarius: La Falda Girl | Eva - Beauty with Blue Eyes

Tequila: Mexican Skirt, Italian Legs | Ciao, Adriano!

Shakti: Elon Musk and His White House | Maye

Denim Skirt: Tea Garden | the Blue Eyes of His Wife

Breathy Voice: Lady with Cucumber | the Morning After

Solitaire: Unity, Eva, Adi | the Pretty, the Belle and the Führer

Afentis: Adolf Hitler, Romy Schneider, and Maud Lewis | the Code

Single Dad, Single Mom: This Is Happening! This Is Not Happening!

Agape: World Wars - the Whole Story | Love, Hate, Pure Madness

Vivid: Hawaiian Shirt, Hula Bra | It's Your Choice, It's Your Life

Magic Carpets: Adolf Hitler, Édith Piaf, and Louis de Funès

40 Hours: My Wives and Kids | Vegetarian? No Kidding!

Paradise: Her Story, Your Story | Bird with Blue Eyes

Theory of Art: Rumours and Ears | Putin vs. Lenin

Virgin Olive Oil: Chicago Faith | During the Night

The Isolated Valley: Das Volk | Europe 2058

Darkness of Ignorance: Dan and the Vatican

Andela Varga: Suleiman's Quran | When Aisha Wept

3rd Heaven: A Pleasure Meeting You - Are You Crazy?!

Persian Carpet: Queen Esther and the Akkadian Virgins

Secrets of Nature: Hitler - Painter, Hater, Lover | Volltreffer!

Jewish Secrets, Jewish Illusions: Moses, Jesus, Muhammad

From Haifa with Love: Hitler, Sassoon, Kadoorie | Meeting with Yahweh

Luther: Revolution or Reformation? Complete Failure or Critical Success?

Local Politics: Germany 2000s - Rich Country, Poor People | Planet of Fools

Eternal Feminine: Unity Mitford - the Feminine Blitz | Stay With Me, Mermaid!

Bangles: Ishtar, Venus, Aphrodite | Passion, Lust, Beauty | Love Story in Uruk

Mosaic: The Smart, the Persuader and the Jew-Hater | Nice to Meet You, Satan!

Warsaw Ghetto: The Lover, the Zealot and the Pianist | Maz and His Brothers

Hitler, Wagner and Luther: Words, Tones and Verses | Seductive Melody?!

Burning Desire: Lonely Wife, Lonely Husband | It's a "He Said - She Said"

Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini: Death Camps, Gulag, Delusions of Grandeur

Jewish Knitter: The Führer's Child | the True Story of Bernile Nienau

Maghrebi Jews: Between a Rock and a Hard Place | the Burial Shroud

Katyn Massacre: Polish Man, Ukrainian Girl, and Russian Dagger | 1940

Hitler and the Oil Sheikh: The Secret Diaries | Good Morning, Marsh Arabs!

Republican: Babylonia... Amsterdam... New York | "Thou Shalt Not Murder!"

Souls: Mr. & Mrs. Hitler - A Day's Journey to Buenos Aires | Boat Ahoy!

Jana Gana Mana: Art of Love | Tagore - Lost in India, Found in USA

Guilty: Augustine, Crusades, and the Blood Curse | Marrano

Adi & Ada: Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah | Do You Plead Guilty?

1939: Tannenberg Massacre | Apple Tree in Poland

My Father's Virgin: The Story of a Parisian Family

Viola: C, G, D, and A | Eyes Like a Deer | This Is It!

Adagio: Pinky Rat | Happy Birthday, Your Highness!

Eternal: Religion and the Distortion of History | Addiction!

Ruby: Ophir and King Solomon | A Story of an Eastern Bimbo

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